New Hampshire WordPress Website Development

My name is Anthony Valentine (anthvale) and I’m a freelance WordPress website developer living in Portsmouth, NH. I design and develop beautiful websites to display properly across all devices and browsers. Whether you need something designed from scratch, have some ideas in mind, or really like what another website looks like, I can help accomplish what you’re looking for. I’ve been developing WordPress websites for about three years now and have experience in most if not every aspect of the very powerful WordPress platform.

What is WordPress Website Development?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which started off as a blogging tool back in 2003. Since then it has evolved tremendously and is used to build websites, blogs, forums and more. With WordPress I can build my customers a website, but still enable them to login to the back-end and make simple edits themselves without having to pay an arm and a leg for maintenance. With a simple user-friendly interface, my customers can easily edit event calendars, menus, content, slideshows, galleries and more.

Why Use a Freelancer Like Me?

  • Since I work for myself, I’m able to design and develop websites at a much lower price than my competitors. I’m a one man show!
  • I’m very easy to communicate with since I’m only one person. Sometimes when working with a firm or a design company, it’s tough to get someone on the phone that even knows anything about your particular project. When you contact me, you know for a fact I’ll be on the same page as you the minute we begin talking.
  • I’m local and from the area. I was born and raised in Derry, NH and currently live in Portsmouth, NH. I will have no problem meeting with my clients through New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts.
  • I have connections! I’m also affiliated with a very successful printing company out of Boston. Most of my clients end going through me to handle their screen printing/embroidery, brochures/flyers, signs/banners, promotional items and more. Since it’s my father who owns the company, I do not add any additional cost to what the price may be.
  • I’m a nice guy! I’m a very friendly person and easy to communicate with. I love helping small local businesses build and grow their online presence.

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